Acquisition and Divestitures

The acquisition of oil and gas properties and the attendant agreements, due diligence and post-closing responsibilities can pose challenges for even the most seasoned lenders and producers. In particular, the due diligence process is often seen as an onerous but necessary part of any purchase or sale of oil and gas assets.

Fortunately, the attorneys of Bode & Werner have the knowledge, drive and finesse required to guide you through even the most complex transactions. Our attorneys have worked on all aspects of acquisition and divestiture transactions, whether upstream or mid-stream, and bring a wealth of varied industry experience to the table. In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience drafting title defect notices, acquisition title opinions, joint operating agreements, farmout agreements, surface use agreements and many other types of instruments commonly required during oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures.

The attorneys of Bode & Werner are dedicated to providing impeccable, affordable services with your specialized needs in mind. Given the rapidly changing nature of transactions and the unusual title circumstances that may arise, our firm prides itself on staying in close communication with clients at all stages of an acquisition or divestiture. In addition, we are very conscious of the strict deadlines that frequently accompany the purchase or sale or oil and gas assets, and our organization’s structure ensures that a large number of attorneys can be assigned to an ongoing transaction at a moment’s notice.

Before entering into an agreement for the acquisition or divestiture of oil and gas assets, consider consulting with the experienced attorneys of Bode & Werner.